Which Tobacco IQOS Sticks are the Stronge? – Top 5 toughest HeatSticks

I will tell you which IQOS sticks are the strongest, I will make a full review of some kinds, and show you a complete table of IQOS sticks with tastes and strengths. Hello, friends! Have you ever thought that IQOS sticks differ in strength? And it’s true! So today:

  • Let’s break down what IQOS sticks are.
  • I will tell you about the strength and which IQOS sticks are the strongest
  • I’ll give you an overview of some of the sticks.
  • Show you a complete IQOS stick chart with all flavors and strengths

What are IQOS sticks

Sticks are a kind of cigarettes for the heating system. They differ from regular cigarettes in that they are impregnated with glycerin and propylene glycol. These elements moisten the tobacco and produce a vapour which does not tear the throat.

If you light an ordinary cigarette, a lot of harmful carcinogens enter with the smoke. But tobacco in the sticks is simply heated (without burning) to 350 degrees, which reduces the release of harmful substances by 90%.

Overview of IQOS Sticks by Strength

IQOS Sticks not only differ in their aroma, but also in their strength. With this list, let’s look at which iqus sticks without flavors are the strongest, and which have flavors that are not inferior in nicotine strength. Based on your preferences, everyone will be able to find a stick to their liking.

IQOS Stick – Heets Amber label or Selection

iqos amber

IQOS Heets Amber – The strongest stick by IQOS. It comes with orange stripes on the top.

For those who like to smoke without aromatic additives, this is the best option, as the vapor conveys the pure taste of tobacco. During the session smokers note that you can catch a hint of orange peel. The aftertaste lingers in the mouth with a woody and nutty scent. Some even manage to catch the aroma of grass, but that’s probably something only true icos a gourmets are capable of.

For those who want to finally give up tobacco cigarettes, it’s recommended to switch to ambel label, as the strength of the stick is close to that of a regular cigarette (similar Marlboro Red).

Fans of the amber label nicknamed these sticks “the smoke cap” because all it takes is one session to feel completely saturated with nicotine. This saves on consumables and ensures you don’t have to reach for a second stick after the first.

Another feature of the Amber Hits is the strong puff. Most of the fans of these sticks are men.

IQOS Sticks – Heets Yellow Selection or Label

yellow heets

Yellow selection – If you want to try classic icos, the Yellow label is your choice. The sticks produce a softer vapour than the Amber label and without any unnecessary flavourings. Very popular in Japan, this model is considered the standard of pure tobacco taste.

In terms of nicotine strength, compared to regular cigarettes it’s around 4-6. If the vapor is too strong for you it is recommended to take small puffs so the stick doesn’t get too hot in the device.

Still, small notes of flavour can be tasted. Fans of the Yellow label talk about the spicy taste after a draw, something reminiscent of toasted bread.

IQOS Sticks – Heets Creations Apricity

heets apricity

In 2020, IQOS launched a new range of Creations sticks. Heets Apricity is one of them. It can truly be called the toughest sticks for IQOS. Not suitable for those who want a clean tobacco flavour, as it leaves a fruity taste.

IQOS Sticks – Heets Creations Yugen

yugen heets

Heets Yugen – More of a regular tobacco scent, but the sticks themselves have a floral smell. Those who prefer classic smells should avoid Yugen as they have a very specific flavour.However, the sticks attract customers with their strong inhalation properties.

IQOS Sticks – Heets Bronze Selection or Label

iqos bronze heets

As for the Heets Bronze model, they can’t be called the strongest sticks for icos, but nicotine is like in cigarettes at around 4-5. The sticks have a brown insert, which immediately suggests that the tobacco has flavour. The manufacturers promised a cocoa and dried fruit flavour, but honestly, it tastes like regular tobacco, just a little softer. For this reason, are in high demand among fans of the classic tobacco flavor.

Table – Strength of IQOS sticks

IQOS has released a variety of models and ranges of sticks. For a better understanding of stick strength, take a look at the table. You will find the most popular flavours and strengths. Referring to the data sheet, you can find the right stick for your preferences faster.

Name Strength level (nicotine content) Особенности вкуса стиков IQOS
Amber High A pronounced tobacco leaf
Apricity High Classic tobacco with fruity notes
Bronze Medium Chocolate flavor
Glaze Below average Notes of wood on the background of tobacco slightly bitter smoke. There is an aroma of light spices and a creamy aftertaste
God Selection Medium Rich woody notes, slightly earthy tobacco
Green Low Menthol-lemon flavor and aroma
Noor Medium Fruity-citrusy harmonious aromatic composition in which notes of lemon and pineapple are clearly audible
Purple Below average Fruity hints in the tobacco flavor of medium intensity
Turquoise Low Soft minty aroma
Yellow Above average Mild and aromatic taste with a spice aftertaste
Yugen Above average Smoky pronounced taste. A little later there is an aroma of flowers and an aftertaste of mint. But the composition is not light, but rather dense and rich.

How IQOS sticks differ from cigarettes

As you already understand, the producers of icos have taken care of all sorts of flavors and strengths of sticks. On the subject of nicotine, the nicotine content in the sticks is considerably higher than in classic tobacco cigarettes. In strong brands, it even exceeds it by a factor of 2. Let’s go back to the exact data:

  • Tobacco cigarette – an average of 0.9 mg per 1g of tobacco blend;
  • Sticks – 1 g of the blend has 0.5 to 1.9 mg nicotine.

You should agree that this is a big difference. However, the manufacturers of sticks decided to get rid of the nicotine content on the packet, so that you can judge the amount of nicotine only by personal experience.

Apart from the difference in nicotine content, the sticks differ in a variety of flavours and aromas. Here’s where the manufacturers decided to please all smokers.

  • Want a stronger vapor? – Here you go heets silver selection
  • Do you want a milder vapour? – Here you go too, we’ve got a wide range of flavours green zing heets
  • Want a smoke with fruit? – You’re welcome, don’t deny yourself anything heets purple
  • Smell of pure tobacco? – It’s always available! heets gold

There’s so much to choose from that it’s worth giving it an edge.

While the sticks are available with or without flavoring, the strength will always be a little less than a standard cigarette. But the sensation of nicotine saturation is there, even pronounced. However, if you are switching from a tobacco cigarette to a stick, you will need to wait a little longer for your body to adjust to the change.

If the sensation of satiety is important to you, choose the strongest icos sticks. One stick is enough to get you high.


IQOS stickers are a great substitute for cigarettes. Especially for those who want to switch from tobacco to a less harmful alternative to smoking. With the purchase and selection of the right taste and device, help our online shop – saudi arabia stick.online. The range of nicotine strength is wide: from light sticks, which you can smoke a few pieces at a time, to strong sticks that give a powerful nicotine boost. The flavors range from classic to fruity.