Heets Bronze Selection

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1 Carton/10 small packers/200 Sticks
Origin: Kazakhstan
Taste: Cocoa and dried fruit
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What is Heets Bronze?

Heets Bronze is one of the creepiest tobacco flavors in the classic HEETS line. Unforgettable notes of chocolate and strong tobacco for fans of cigars and heavy cigarettes.

KSA users have a positive attitude towards Bronze Selection, calling it the second most similar to regular cigarettes. The advantage of sticks is that they can replace the use of harmful CO2 and help you give up burning tobacco.

If you are used to smoking heavy cigarettes or taking a lot of nicotine Bronze heatsticks are the best alternative to experiment with IQOS HEETS products.

That’s why 8/10 users recommend the Bronze-flavored sticks. After switching from cigarettes to IQOS, our customers noted that other flavors, such as Yellow or Silver, are more specific and feel a bit chemical when first heated.

How many sticks in a pack of Heets Bronze?

Each pack contains 20 sticks. Each box contains 10 packs of HEETS. Our store does not break blocks and does not sell small packs.

When you open the package, you can see two segments wrapped in paper. Each of the segments contains 10 sticks. This is a great way to control the heatsticks consumption, to calculate the remainder. Some customers have noted that the second segment is a convenient way to store used sticks.

One unit of product is one block (10 packs of 20 Bronze HEETS sticks). The cost per block is 349 SAR. Want to get a special offer? Ask your manager to get a discount or individual promotion. Hurry up! Gifts and special offers are limited!

Heets Bronze flavor

IQOS Heets Bronze Selection is an unforgettable aromatic flavor of cocoa, dried fruit and tobacco. The soft aftertaste of tobacco leaf does not bore you for a long time. Sticky flavored Bronze is quite strong and specific.

Some users have noted that the first few times you heat it, the taste is quite pungent and unusual. Over time, the taste of tobacco opens up and brings a lot of pleasure in the process of heating and nicotine consumption.

Heets Bronze can be characterized by the parameters:

  • Nicotine – 5/5
  • Intensity – 4/5
  • Flavor – 4/5
  • Taste – 5/5

Where to buy Heets Bronze in Saudi Arabia?

Buy IQOS Bronze Selection Flavor IQOS Sticks in Saudi Arabia in one click in our store. Just add the product to the cart and fill out the form. Our manager will contact you shortly and arrange delivery at a convenient time for you.

When you buy HEETS Bronze from our store you are guaranteed to get the best service in Saudi Arabia, a customized price and the best product catalog on the market. Customized discounts and special offers make our customers loyal every day. Join the Iqos HEETS Club and become part of the premium community. Enjoy unique technology while taking care of your health.

Delivery Heets Bronze in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia heat sticks delivery is available in our store. Order heat sticks online and get same day delivery. Check delivery availability with your manager. Delivery times may vary, depending on your location. Orders paid for online or placed in the morning are delivered the day of the order. Same day delivery also applies to orders over SAR 1800. Delivery is available to any city in Saudi Arabia such as Riyadh, Jeddah and others.

Delivery to Riyadh – same-day delivery
Delivery to other cities – within a week

Payment method:
Riyadh – COD/online
Other cities – full card prepayment

Exchange/return available within 3 days from the purchase date

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