The IQOS ILuma is the new IQOS design

Innovation happens every year. A new Iphone, a new samsung… In the field of tobacco heating, IQOS never ceases to delight our loyal customers by creating more comfortable and ideal conditions for inhaling tobacco. Each time new flavors and technologies make the process of heating tobacco safer, more practical and interesting.

New devices, holders and accessories accompany the process of smoking with the heating method in a more interesting and authentic way. Our customers love HEETS and IQOS for this and other benefits. If classic or modern solutions do not respond to the desires of our customers, needs are covered by other IQOS products.

This is confirmed by the long-term loyalty of our customers to our store and the IQOS brand.

In 2021 a revolution in the safety and practicality of tobacco heating has created a new product iLuma. New design, new development, new style for everyone who wants to be on the technological trend. Take care of their health and the environment.

Why only Heets Terea the IQOS ILuma?

TEREA Sticks cannot be used with other IQOS models. This is due to the peculiarity of the stick design. In older IQOS 3 DUO, Multi, 2.4 or lil Solid models, the heating element was inside the charger. If you put TEREA sticks into older devices you will break the heating element.

Regular HEETS and Fiit sticks cannot be used with IQOS Iluma devices. Normal sticks simply will not heat up. This is also due to the construction of the new heating sticks and holder of heatstick

How does the IQOS ILuma work?

The process of heating IQOS iLuma and inhaling nicotine has become much easier and safer. And most importantly, more practical with the new technology from PMI.

To effectively heat tobacco you need:

  • Take the Terea stick out of the pack.
  • Insert the heating stick into the device.
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes. When the light indicator in the range of the touch button stops flashing you can start inhaling.
  • Once the active button becomes inactive and the device stops heating the stick, the smoking process is over.
  • Remove the stick from its holder and throw it away.

The unique design of the IQOS ILuma

Iluma echoes the design of the IQOS tobacco heaters, but more attention has been paid to the finish, which looks aesthetically softer and nicer. In addition, the devices have been corrected all those minor flaws reported by users, which has made significant improvements to the product.

What colors of IQOS ILuma can I buy?

Premium IQOS iLuma designs are available in 5 unforgettable and vibrant colors:

  • Azure Blue
  • Moss Green
  • Pebble Biege
  • Pebble Grey
  • Sunset Red

All colors are available in our online store and you can choose any premium color and be unique among your friends.

Where IQOS ILuma was designed

The development of the IQOS iLuma is a kind of experiment from Philip Morris International. Usually all R&D and testing of new technologies takes place at the company’s plants in the USA or Chinese.

IQOS first announced the new tobacco heating technology in Japan in 2021. At a conference in August, iLuma technology was introduced at the same time as the technology was announced.

Why IQOS ILuma is better than other IQOS

IQOS ILuma is the new generation of tobacco heating. Uniquely designed and synchronized with your cell phone through the app. More accessories and upgrades to make the device unique.

ILuma is a completely new product in the IQOS line, no other device could be connected to your phone and fine-tune the devices functions.

Automatic stick activation and heating when you insert the stick into the holder. This feature can be disabled through the app. You no longer have to clamp the button and worry that it might break. The IQOS ILuma is fully touch-sensitive and is activated by a tap on the touch zone. Users will notice something similar to Apple’s Airpods.

If you compare IQOS ILuma with the younger generations, it can be noted that the device has become more practical and functional. There is no risk to break the device, to break the heating element or to damage the button.

It is a unique technology development by Philipp Morris, which has facilitated the heating of tobacco with IQOS devices and solved several problems of the younger generations at once:

  • Now the device can’t break because the heating sting is inside each Terea stick.
  • The device does not become saturated with odor. This means that every heating and nicotine inhalation procedure will be accompanied by a perfect and clean taste of the heating sticks.
  • The inside of the device will always be clean. It does not need to be cleaned of tar, impurities after heating and residual tobacco inside the device.

Exclusive IQOS ILuma from our online store in Saudi Arabia

Despite the fact that the official representative of IQOS does not deliver iLuma heaters to KSA and other Arab countries. Our store is the exclusive supplier of new technology directly from Japan. We make sure that our customers inhale only safe nicotine and use premium convenient devices.

That’s why any new IQOS and your favorite nicotine aramat can be purchased online in our store in 2 clicks. Just add to cart and submit the form. Our manager will advise you on the selected items and make a personalized offer for each cart. Contact only trusted suppliers, trust the best on the market!

Where to buy IQOS ILuma in Saudi Arabia

Buy IQOS ILuma in Saudi Arabia in one click. Add the product to the cart and fill out the form. Buying IQOS ILuma in our store you are guaranteed to get the best service in Saudi Arabia, individual price and a wide range of products. Personalized discounts and special offers make our customers loyal.

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Delivery IQOS ILuma in Saudi Arabia

Shipping of heatsticks in Saudi Arabia is available in our shop. Order ILUMA online and get same day delivery.

Orders which are paid online or made in the morning are delivered on the day of the order. Same day delivery also applies to orders above 1800 SAR.

Delivery IQOS ILUMA is possible to any city in Saudi Arabia, such as Riyadh, Jeddah and others. Check with your manager about delivery time. Times may vary depending on your location