IQOS ILuma One

IQOS ILuma One – an updated old lil solid

The IQOS lil was a real breakthrough in the world of tobacco heating technology. Beautiful design, comfortable elaborated and thoughtful functionality. The new tobacco heating system with a heating element in the form of a needle, but all that is in the past … IQOS ILuma One – just blow our minds with its functionality! Imagine, all the experience of tobacco heating technology and usability of modern gadgets has been implemented in the latest development – IQOS ILuma One! Keeping the balance between the basic design principles of ILuma One and lil Solid, PMI has added usability features and removed potential problems that smokers had when they used iqos lil. Now, in today’s world, it’s very important not only to follow the right marketing strategies, but also not to forget the most important thing, this is a quality and convenient product, this is what PMI has implemented in the device IQOS ILuma One and our company, help the residents of Saudi Arabia to know more and try the most advanced tobacco heating system.

The old lil solid was the second step in PMI’s attempt to create a universal device for heating tobacco sticks with a minimum of flaws. But it easily surpassed and took the leading position the new IQOS – IQOS ILuma One! As we can understand from its name, it is all one: a tobacco stick holder and a battery.

By introducing not only new design, but also improved functionality, the manufacturer has solved many of the problems of smokers from Saudi Arabia, but they have not solved the main problem – the ability to buy such a device from an official representative. Therefore, there is our company on the market to sell tobacco sticks Terea and unique device IQOS ILuma One which no one else in the market for a reasonable price!

What sticks are suitable for IQOS ILuma One

There is one peculiarity in IQOS ILuma One – it is the method of heating tobacco, namely with what object it is heated inside the device. You may immediately think of uncomfortable, perpetually dirty and often broken heating blades, but it is not so! The elements for heating tobacco, are already in the designated sticks for all IQOS ILuma series – in Heets Terea. Only these tobacco sticks fit the ILuma. In our product reviews we often mention the reason, which you can find on our website.

How to use IQOS ILuma One?
Not only the design has been improved and adapted for our favorite customers, but also the functionality of IQOS One. It has become more automated! IQOS ILuma One is a little bit different in operation. Below our team would like to tell you how to use the new ILuma One so that you don’t accidentally ruin it

  1. Pick up your IQOS ILuma One design and the tobacco Terea to go with it in our store. We remind you that only Heets Terea are suitable for ILuma IQOS
  2. Charge the device IQOS ILuma and integrate it with your phone, detailed instructions are inside the package IQOS ILuma
  3. Insert the Terea stick into the IQOS ILuma One
  4. Within 1-2 minutes, the smoking sticks will be heated and ready for use, you will be notified by the LEDs on the device that will start flashing
  5. As soon as the lights stop flashing, it means that the heating and smoking process is over, the stick used up and can be thrown away

IQOS ILuma One vs IQOS lil solid

Let’s make a clear comparison of the IQOS ILuma One and the IQOS lil solid. At first glance, the principle is the same – the holder and charger in one device, but then what is the difference? The new battery is designed for 20 uses, unlike the lil solid which is designed, as told by smokers, only for 5 sticks. Adapted design with the same general style of the whole ILuma series. Integration with your cell phone so you can control your device

Where the IQOS ILuma One was designed

Like the entire ILuma series – the IQOS One was created and introduced to the world in 2021 in Japan. One of the most technologically advanced countries in our world. Japanese engineers, as always, showed a decent and high quality work on the creation and implementation of advanced technologies and concepts in such, small device.

The most important difference between the IQOS ILuma One and its predecessor

Okay, we talked about the design, but what about the functionality?
The first thing to note is the integration of your ILume One with your phone using the app, this app allows you to control the settings of vibration, backlight, as well as switch from automatic heating tobacco sticks to manual mode. Not all smokers are still used to this drastic change, so PMI has provided for this nuance and added the switch of heating from automatic to manual. But trust me, once you try using automatic heating at least once, you’ll never want to turn it off again! Many IQOS lovers, had the old problem, the breakage of the button on the holders, now and this problem the manufacturer was able to solve. The whole panel is touch-sensitive and made of high-strength materials, do not worry about dropping your device and it will break. But do not push your luck and do not let that happen.

All the shortcomings of the previous generations of IQOS were carefully analyzed and taken into account during the creation of ILuma One so now you can not worry about what you can suddenly encounter inconveniences in use.

There is no worry that you can accidentally break the heating element, because the heating process is now due to a new system – SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™. The system makes it possible to heat a metal element inside Terea tobacco stick. Thanks to the elaborate design of Terea’s new generation tobacco sticks, it is no problem to clean your device. Resin on the blade, crumbs from tobacco, all this is a thing of the past, thanks to the fact that the heating element is now inside the stick.

IQOS ILuma One with delivery in Saudi Arabia

The official IQOS store has entered the Saudi market, but does not offer a unique IQOS ILuma One with a classic design! In our online store you can find the highest quality IQOS ILuma, brought to Saudi Arabia for the first time. Choose the right color for you and explore our tobacco sticks offer. Fill out the order form and our manager will be sure to text you on WhatsApp to confirm your order!

Due to the speed of response and desire to develop the market in Saudi Arabia, our team contacted the suppliers directly and was able to bring this unique and unique product to KSA. The official store, for some reason, can’t do it, but we did! In our online store you can find the highest quality IQOS ILuma One in a full range of colors. Our managers will be able to answer you on WhatsApp for absolutely any of your requests. Fill out the order form or write us directly on WhatsApp to learn more about the new product and get a personal discount. You can buy IQOS ILuma One only in our store with delivery in Riyadh, Jeddah and other cities of Saudi Arabia