IQOS ILuma Classic

IQOS ILuma Classic – an update of the old IQOS 3

In the 21st century. innovations appear every hour around the world. Tesla, IPhone, Samsung and many other companies are keeping pace with their technology… The new innovation from Philip Morris International – IQOS ILuma Classic, is designed to create a more comfortable and ideal environment for tobacco use, without any inconvenience. The longer PMI researches their products, the more they gather feedback about their product, the better they release more and more new IQOS models.
The old IQOS 3 – became one of the most recognizable IQOS models, the manufacturer took into account the experience of smokers and recreated something newer and beyond understanding – the IQOS ILuma Classic. IQOS ILuma Classic – able to satisfy classic, modern or any other problems of IQOS smokers, the loyalty of fastidious customers from Saudi Arabia to our store confirms that IQOS ILuma Classic is a good old smoking technology in a new format.

Heets Terea fits only for IQOS ILuma Classic

Terea are created ONLY! for IQOS ILuma. The inside of the Heets Terea heating sticks, are very different from the Classic Heets. In older IQOS models, a knife that allows you to heat Heets from the inside of the wand. The Terea will easily break the heating knife in the older IQOS models, because inside the Terea, a small iron rod is already built into each heating stick.

How does the IQOS ILuma Classic work?

PMI created a special heating technology, instead of the classic design – Device with heating element (flat rod or round rod), Device with heating in the form of microwaves. PMI outdid themselves and went beyond the usual understanding – heating tobacco. Below our experts have described a brief instruction on how to use the IQOS ILuma Classic:

  • Take the Terea stick out of the packaging;
  • Insert the heating stick into the device;
  • After 1-2 minutes the IQOS ILuma Classic is ready for use, you will be notified by the indicators on the device (flashing on the touch button);
  • As soon as the active button becomes inactive and the device stops heating the stick, the smoking process is over;
  • The stick is completely used up, you can take it out and throw it away.

Why IQOS ILuma Classic is very similar to iqos 3 but Unique at the same time?

ILuma Classic repeats the recognizable design of IQOS 3, but more attention was paid to the wishes of smokers who wanted to see some changes in the design. All the shortcomings that users saw and felt with every use of iqos, have now been eliminated and the IQOS ILuma Classic is more perfect than its predecessor.

What colors of the IQOS ILuma Classic can I buy?

The IQOS iLuma Classic models are available in 5 unforgettable and vibrant colors:

  • Pebble Beige.
  • Pebble Grey
  • Moss Green
  • Sunset Red
  • Azure Blue

Be the first to try out the new IQOS ILuma Classic design!

Where was the IQOS ILuma designed

The IQOS iLuma Classic is quite a successful implementation of IQOS by Philip Morris International, when it seems impossible to think of anything else. It is economically advantageous to build production plants in the USA or China, but the technology to produce and keep the quality bar, is strictly adhered to!
New design and new technology has been released in 2021, for the first time in Japan.

The striking difference between the IQOS ILuma Classic and the conventional IQOS

IQOS ILuma Classic – not only has a bright and stylish design, the real breakthrough hides inside! Your cell phone is synchronized through an application with the new device IQOS ILuma!
PMI has made a true breakthrough in tobacco heating technology and usability of the device. Smartphone – in 21st century it’s like having no hands without it. Now it is much easier to control your smoking device, you can set up absolutely all functions of your smoking device directly from your smartphone. Automatic detection of the stick in the device, allow you to make the heating process more autonomous and controllable by smart systems, just trust the IQOS ILuma Classic! Such a function you can always cancel in the app. The absence of buttons on the holder, allow you to relax and do not worry about the fact that there is a fear of button breakage. The control panel on the holder of the IQOS ILuma Classic is touch sensitive.

The device has become more practical and convenient to use. All the wishes and complaints of smokers IQOS are taken into account, you no longer have to worry about smashing the device, break the heating element.

The heating rod is already in each stick Terea, which solves the problem with the breakage of the rod inside the device, as well – important to note, there is no more crumbs from tobacco, which appeared with each time you used the classic iqos.

IQOS ILuma Classic on sale in Saudi Arabia

The official IQOS store has entered the Saudi market but does not offer the unique IQOS ILuma Classic design! In our online store you can find the highest quality IQOS ILuma brought to Saudi Arabia for the first time. Choose the right color for you and explore our tobacco sticks offer. Fill out the order form and our manager will be sure to text you on WhatsApp to confirm your order!