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Terea Cigarette in Riyadh and Jeddah

TEREA: Sticks for IQOS ILUMA, all flavours available. Revise and upgrade!

The new Philip Morris e-cigarette with the latest Iqos Iluma tobacco heating technology requires new TEREA sticks, so the now very famous HEETS Iqos are no longer compatible . If you want to learn more about IQOS ILUMA , you can read our review here and choose a flavour of your choice from our online shop. IQOS ILUMA was developed exclusively for use with TEREA sticks. And now for an overview of the TEREA stick flavours that Philip Morris has specially released for IQOS ILUMA . Next to each flavour, as usual on our website, a relative review:

Balanced Regular

Terea Balanced Regular – A mildly sweet and sour taste with bright citrus and herbal notes. The sticks are said to be very flavourful, balanced and ‘juicy’. The strength and richness is medium.


Terea Regular – A mild aroma and an equally pleasant taste. A pleasant raw tobacco leaf flavour, with notes of nut and woody aroma.

Rich Regular

Terea Rich Regular – A classic full bodied tobacco, reminiscent of Marlboro cigarettes. The taste is quite strong, deep, with a hint of malt and a complete lack of sweetness. According to international users, this is the strongest stick in the range.

Purple Menthol

Terea Purple Menthol – The menthol and berry flavour is popular with flavoured tobacco lovers. There are notes of blueberries and grapes in the flavour, as well as hints of wine. All this is generously flavoured with the freshness of menthol. Reviews of purple sticks are contradictory: some people like it, while others feel ‘pure chemistry’. The strength and richness are medium-bodied.

Yellow Menthol

Terea Yellow Menthol – A blend of citrus and herbal notes with hints of oriental spices and a distinct minty aroma. The taste is described as fresh and invigorating. I think it’s great for summer. The strength is medium-bodied.

Smooth Regular

Terea Smooth Regular – A soft and aromatic tobacco with woody and tea notes. The taste has a sour-sweet touch, probably due to the glycerine impregnation. The strength and richness is quite high and comparable to regular sticks

Bright Menthol

Terea Bright Menthol – An unusual flavour with notes of kiwi, green papaya and a pronounced minty freshness. However, according to reviews, the fruit flavour is not strongly pronounced and comes first with the freshest flavour. In terms of strength and fullness, these mini cigarettes are average, as are most flavoured variants.

Black Menthol

Terea Black Menthol – A strong smoke with a very strong menthol freshness that hits the throat. Some users experience a tingling sensation and slight bitterness during a session. There’s a high nicotine content – smoke from 1pc.