Heets Creations

Philip Morris is delighting its customers. Officially launched in Russia on 10 February 2020, the new Heets Creations IQOS retail sticks are now available. The series is called Heets Creations and consists of 4 flavours. We have tasted all the sticks and will compare it with the manufacturer’s description, and have decided to delight our customers with these new Heets Creation in Saudi Arabia

Creation Noor

Heets Noor – It is declared as a warm nutty with citrus notes. While tasting it, the taste of noor sticks surpassed expectations. There was a bright mix of pineapple and lemon flavours, no nutty smell, perhaps overpowered by citrus. Reminded me of a fruity citrus bubblegum. Good for lovers of yellow and gold sticks. The strength is low, easy to smoke.

Creation Yugen

Heets Yugen Should taste rich floral notes and fruit. Looks like a purple label replacement and has purple colours on the ends of the pack. The iqos yugen sticks turned out to be the smokiest. But the first four puffs didn’t show any flavour. Further on, the flavour of flowers was felt, very bright and dense. On exhalation a faint hint of mint remains. Smoked a little tight and tobacco strength is felt.

Creation Apricity

Heets Apricity – Rich and creamy with aromatic woody notes of warm fruit. Pack of heets creations apricity sticks in black and orange. The creamy aroma becomes more noticeable in the second half of the stick. The fruit flavour starts to emerge on the exhale and can be felt slightly after smoking. Very pleasant option for everyday use. There was very little odour to the people sitting next to me. Recommended for connoisseurs of orange or bronze icons. The strength is slightly above average.

Creation Glaze

Heets Glaze – Described by the makers as having a taste like a mixture of aromatic herbs and spices, with a subtle creamy scent in the aftertaste. The heets glaze has a black and green appearance. A menthol aroma can be felt when you take a puff. Suitable for lovers of mint and sticks in a turquoise pack. But on the taste glaze has a more pronounced smell compared to its predecessors. Reminiscent of tic-tac-toe lollipops. You can’t really tell the strength, the menthol makes it softer and the smoke is faintly noticeable.

On the sticks, next to the filter, appeared the name of the Creations line of flavors.

Heets Creation Price in Saudi Arabia

The Creations Sticks will cost a bit more than the other flavors. The approximate price for a pack is 399 SAR. The number of sticks has not changed, we still have the same 20 sticks.

The quality of the sticks leaves a lot to be desired, they remained at the same level as the previous versions. Before the smoking session is over there’s practically no smoke left.

Pros Creation

  • If you want to try something new, check out apricity, yugen and noor.
  • The new range has noticeably increased in flavour intensity. It is much stronger and lasts much longer. This can be seen as a slight deviation towards vaping and button cigarettes.
  • The smell of the smoke has reduced noticeably, you can delight those around you with this.

Cons Creation

  • Expensive to use on a regular basis.
  • The variety of flavours hasn’t moved on much from the old sticks, many flavours are repeated or overlapping, although they smell more distinctive.