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Heets Terea

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Heets Terea Tropical Menthol

Heets in Saudi Arabia

You can experience the pure taste and enjoyment of smoking tobacco cigarettes without the classic problems such as smoke and ash burning with HEETS tobacco sticks. Created only for IQOS devices, HEETS are nothing more than small cigarettes, with prepared and rolled tobacco leaves packed into compact little tobacco sticks, called HeatSticks. Based on their purpose, HEETS are not lit with a lighter and do not burn, and only heated by the device IQOS through a special heating element (this design is thought in IQOS lil Solid). The new development of IQOS, ILuma – no heated steel rod, their peculiarity is the special Terea Heets, where each stick has already built a steel heating element. You can learn more about the ILuma in one of our catalogs.

Heets smoke

The amount of harmful toxins released during the heating process is 90-95% lower than when you smoke regular cigarettes.

Heets Manufacturer

Our suppliers are thoroughly tested on the quality of their products before they are shipped to our warehouses and then to your doors. Heets Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, is the most popular in terms of flavors and aromas. We always watch the market and updates of new products for our customers.

Heets Shop

Our IQOS Heets Shop – has the most extensive collection of Heets tobacco flavors in Riyadh, Jeddah and all of KSA. We have everything from the most standard flavors to the newest additions you won’t find anywhere else:

Heets Selection – available in many classic flavors:
Heets Amber
Heets Yellow
Heets Bronze
Heets Purple wave
Heets Turquoise
Heets Green Zing
Heets Gold
Heets Silver

Heets Terea – the newest Heets designed only for IQOS ILuma, with unique heating element technology already inside the sticks.

Heets Creation is one of the most unusual blends of modern Heets

What are Heets?

HeatStick, or as they are called Heets, is a universal solution and an alternative to regular cigarettes. Special tobacco sticks were developed by Philip Morris International. Their production technology – a work of art, the synergy of modern technology and research. The advanced tobacco leaf processing technology makes it possible to roll tobacco in one piece and pack them in small and short cigarettes which are not lit with a lighter, but are heated in an IQOS device. Each stick Heets sold in Saudi Arabia, is equipped with additional filters which you will not find in any other cigarette. The overall size of Heets is made according to the length, diameter and design of the holder of the IQOS device and is designed for about 14 puffs like regular cigarettes.

Heets Flavors

The team would like to tell you about the flavors of Heets sticks sold in Saudi Arabia. The technology of smoking and production is very different from regular cigarettes, which makes the taste unusual. Thanks to the Heat not Burn process, you can feel the true taste of tobacco, with only natural flavors, allowing you to fully experience the full flavor of Heets with the IQOS device.
It is important to remember that HeatSticks contain nicotine and can be addictive!

The composition of IQOS Heets sticks

The tobacco part of Heets consists not only of rolled tobacco leaves, but also a mixture of vegetable glycerin, nicotine and natural flavorings such as menthol, chocolate and spices.
The non-tobacco part consists of a cooling cork, an airflow chamber, a protective aluminum wrapper and a cellulose acetate mouthpiece filter.
However, this is the makeup of the classic Heets flavors. Heets Terea, also contain a heating element as well.

Where to Buy Heets Online?

Buy and enjoy Heets in Saudi Arabia, you can order with delivery to your address at shop. Free and Fast Shipping to All KSA Cities