IQOS 4 Generation: IQOS iLuma vs IQOS iLuma Prime. Detailed Review and Manual

In September 2021 two IQOS 4th generation models, the iluma and the iluma prime, were released at the same time. They appeared originally in Japan, in Saudi Arabia our company was the first to be able to deliver the New IQOS iLuma to KSA, the first deliveries took place, as early as 04.2022!

In this article our company wants to share with you what these devices are, how to use them, what are their advantages over the previous generations of IQOS lil and 3 DUO, what sticks fit them and what is better – iqos luma or iluma prime.

New IQOS 4 Generation: What it is and What is the innovation

New IQOS iLuma differs from other similar systems in that there is no heating element in the form of a rod! It is now in the sticks – in the tobacco itself – a stainless steel plate is inserted. Heating is done with the help of a magnetic field. That is, used an induction coil, as in the Glo HYPER. There is a possibility that it may crackle when heated – this is normal.

Philip Morris International has patented a new technology called the Smart Core Induction System.

Another claimed feature of the latest IQOS 4 is that it doesn’t need to be cleaned. No need to clean it at all!

This is due to the absence of the rod and the closed design of the sticks. That is, there is no fouling inside the iLuma and no crumbs of tobacco, which worsened the taste of the smoke. This innovation made foreign users very happy. Judging by the reviews, the IQOS illuma is really easier to maintain. Also noted the improvement in vapor flavor due to the lack of dirt in the heating chamber.

All this makes the novelty very much expected – many people want to try it

IQOS iLuma: Release date in Saudi Arabia

When asked when 4 IQOS will be released in Saudi Arabia, the official company answered vaguely – in 2022. No month or even season was named. However, our team decided to act! We have contacted the manufacturers from Europe directly and in April 2022 you could buy and pre-order the product on our website

IQOS iLuma vs iLuma Prime: Feature Comparison and Difference

The novelties are slightly different from each other – the difference is in the design and equipment. Otherwise they are the same, judging by the reviews and technical characteristics.

Design and colors

Let’s start with the IQOS iLuma Prime. The main feature of the model is the absence of a hard cover of the case. It is made of textile and leather, fixed with a magnet. The lid as if covers the holder from the side and looks quite nice. That is, the case is made like a wallet. Only 5 colors are available:

IQOS iLuma. Similar in appearance to the IQOS 3 DUO. The case with a hard cover and tactile pleasant coating looks both familiar and new. The color range is similar to the Prime, but differs with some additions:

Another difference from the last generation is that more accessories are available for the flagship model: different variants of the cover and rings for the holder. In other words, you can give the device a unique look.

They also differ in the size of the holder – iluma prime is slightly larger and heavier due to the aluminum housing.

Pros and cons of the IQOS iLuma

Reviews so far not a lot, but from those that we were able to collect from our regular customers, we learned that the pluses are many times more, and there are almost no minuses.

Advantages of the New IQOS 4 iLuma:

  • Pulls easily and gives a lot of smoke;
  • more pleasant taste of sticks;
  • no need to clean;
  • no risk of blade breakage;
  • communication via cell phone with the device using Bluetooth;
  • unique gesture control system;
  • stylish design and a good choice of colors.

On the downside, users include:

  • Specific sticks, which are not available everywhere;
  • Not very convenient cover of the flagship model IQOS iLuma Prime. If the standard opens with a quick press of the finger, the iLuma Prime must flip the lid, climb into the case and pull out the holder. It seems to be a second thing, but judging by the video reviews, not everyone likes this innovation.

For clarity, our team compiled a comparison table of the characteristics of both models.

Type of model Standard Flagship
Cost ~ $77 ~ $112
Colors 6 5
Blade No No
USB port Type C/2A Type C/2A
Heating temperature 350ºС 350ºС
Battery charge time 135 min 135 min
Holder charging time ~1 min 50 sec ~1 min 50 sec
Session duration ~5 min ~5 min
Number of consecutive sessions 2 2
Number of sticks per charge 20 20
Stick Brand Terea Terea
Case dimensions H×W×D, mm 117,2 × 44,7 × 22,2 117,2 × 44,7 × 22,2
Holder dimensions H×D, mm 92,27 × 14,42 101×14,5
Holder weight, g 22 30,5
Operating Temperature 0-40ºС 0-40ºС

As we can see, the devices are very similar in characteristics. The main difference is the innovative heating system and the lid of the flagship version. Which one to choose depends on the budget and personal preferences.

What is included in the iLuma Kit and IQOS iLuma Prime Kit

The package of both devices is not rich and many customers like it. It includes:

  • Holder
  • Case
  • Adapter
  • USB-C cable
  • Instructions.

That’s it. No device for cleaning the heating chamber is not included, and that’s great. We believe that the fouling and the associated change in taste is the main problem of IQOS. If it could be solved in such an original way and it is great!

How to Use IQOS iLuma and IQOS iLuma Prime

According to user reviews, luma iqos and iluma prime are similar in operation. But there are peculiarities. The smart control was mentioned above, and this is also one of Philip Morris’ innovations.

  • The device is turned on with a button on the holder, then the stick is inserted and it automatically begins to heat up. The process takes about 20 seconds.
  • If you tap the holder several times, you can see the number of puffs remaining.
  • When you tilt, the device will notify you how much time is left until the end of the session with an LED backlight. This is gesture control, and it is performed with the help of the built-in accelerometer. In our opinion, this is an interesting technology and very convenient – you put the stick in and do not have to press anything. It is convenient and practical.
  • One more trick that interested us is the improved function of the mobile application. It displays the level of charge and has the ability to enable/disable some options. Apparently, you can customize the smart control for yourself, which also adds pluses to the new device.

IQOS iLuma vs IQOS 3 DUO

If you are still in doubt about the advantages of the iQOS iLuma over the 3 DUO, our team has compiled a review of the iqos 3 duo vs iqos iluma for you.

The main difference is the lack of a rod and a mechanical cover in the iqos iluma model, and the improved control system. The easiest way to understand the difference is to look at another table.

Number of consecutive sessions 2 2 2
Number of sticks per charge 20 20 20
Heater Blade that is poked on the stick inside the device Induction Induction
Cleaning Needed Not needed! Not needed!
Hull Plastic Plastic Anodized aluminum
Charging time ~2 min ~1 min 50 sek (10 sec savings!) ~1 min 50 sek (10 sec savings!)
Battery charging time, min 120 135 (But a full charge lasts longer) 135 (But a full charge lasts longer)
Session duration, min 4 5 5
“Managing Gestures” No Yes Yes
Cover Mechanical Mechanical Flexible

So, what all this means for you lovers of heated tobacco:

  1. No more that unpleasant problem of the blade not going into the stick properly, because in iqos iluma blade is simply missing!
  2. Gone is the problem of replacing the blade when it is damaged!
  3. Cleaning sticks, brushes and other cleaning supplies are slowly becoming a thing of the past – the need for cleaning is gone!
  4. You get 5 minutes per session (one minute more than previous models), but the full charge time is increased by 15 minutes (from 120 to 135 minutes).

Another significant difference is the large number of accessories available for the IQOS 3 DUOS: 16 variants of panels and 13 caps. The new devices can not yet boast of such a rich choice.

IQOS iLuma Heets TEREA – main Feature

And now for the best part – which heets cigarettes are suitable for the new iqos 4? We mentioned above that the heets for iqos iluma are unique, because the heating is now done without the help of a blade.

Classic HEETS cannot be used, so Philip Morris developed special TEREA sticks for IQOS iluma. The only minor drawback is that the design of some packs is not much different in color, as if the designers wanted to use many shades of blue and green. At the moment, Terea Heets – supplied by our online store in the same product line as released in Japan. Philip Maurice appears to still be analyzing the market for the flavors they will be introducing to KSA shortly.

There are a total of 12 flavors in Japan, as well as 8 flavors from our company supplying Terea from the manufacturer to KSA, let’s take a closer look at them.

TEREA Rich Regular

Classic Rich Tobacco, reminiscent of Marlboro cigarettes. Terea Rich Regular has a rather pungent, deep flavor, with a hint of malt and complete absence of sweetness. Considered to be the strongest terea stick in this line.

TEREA Regular

Terea Regular – Similar to Rich Regular. Less rich, but softer and more flavorful. Our team notes in them, woody and nutty notes in the taste. That is, it is a more gentlemanly option for fans of flavored tobacco. The strength is slightly less than the previous sticks.

TEREA Smooth Regular

Terea Smooth Regular has a mild aromatic tobacco with woody and tea notes. The taste has a sour-sweet tinge, probably due to the glycerin impregnation. The strength and richness is quite high and comparable to Regular sticks.

TEREA Balanced Regular

Terea Balanced Regular has a mild sweet and sour taste with bright citrus and herbal notes. These sticks are very flavorful, balanced and “juicy. The strength and richness is medium.

TEREA Black Menthol

Strong Terea Black Menthol with a very strong menthol freshness that hits the throat. Some users feel a tingling sensation and slight bitterness during the session. High nicotine content is noted – 1 stick is enough.

TEREA Purple Menthol

Menthol and berry flavor, popular among fans of flavored tobacco. The taste of Terea purple menthol has notes of blueberries and grapes, as well as hints of wine. All this is generously flavored with menthol freshness. Terea purple sticks has contradictory reviews – some people like it, while others like “total chemistry. The strength and richness are average.

TEREA Yellow Menthol

Terea yellow menthol has a mix of citrus and herbal notes with hints of oriental spices and a pronounced menthol aroma. The taste is described as fresh and invigorating. For a hot summer is perfect. The strength is medium.

TEREA Bright Menthol

The unusual taste in Terea Bright Menthol has notes of kiwi, green papaya and pronounced menthol freshness. However, according to reviews, the flavor of fruit is not very pronounced and the cooler comes first. In terms of strength and fullness, these mini cigarettes are average, like most flavored options.

Pleased with a good choice of flavors without menthol and with sufficient strength.

Terea IQOS Price and Where to Buy Terea

In Saudi Arabia our online shop was the first to bring these unique Terea Heets, because they are directly needed for use in the IQOS iLuma/IQOS iLuma Prime/IQOS iLuma One. Order the flavors you are interested in in our online store and get fast courier delivery to the address in RiyadhJeddah and other cities!

If we don’t have an item in stock, leave your phone number or email and our team will inform you when it is available in stock, and get a personalized offer!

IQOS 4: Price and where can i Buy IQOS iLuma?

Like Heets Terea, the new iqos 4 you can buy in our online store, presented in all variations to your taste, at a nice price with instant delivery and quality support on WhatsApp