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Heets Terea Japan - Exclusive flavors

Heets Terea Japan provides unique and exquisite flavors for IQOS iLuma. You can purchase the best Heets Terea at the lowest price on our website.

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NEW Heets Terea in Saudi Arabia. Specially for ILuma

SAVE 200 sar
Limited stock
Heets Terea Balanced Regular

Heets Terea Balanced Regular

SAVE 200 sar
Limited stock
Heets Terea Regular

Heets Terea Regular

SAVE 200 sar
Limited stock
Heets Terea Rich Pegular

Heets Terea Rich Regular

SAVE 200 sar
Limited stock
smooth regular heets terea

Heets Terea Smooth Regular

SAVE 100 sar
Limited stock

Heets Terea Mint

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iqos iluma prime neon

New Unique IQOS in Saudi Arabia - IQOS ILuma (Classic, Prime, One)

IQOS ILUMA is a brand new story in Saudi Arabia. IQOS ILuma does not have a heating blade. How do you heat them then? Special sticks – ILuma Heets Terea – have been developed for the IQOS ILUMA, which have their own built-in heating element inside. Buy IQOS ILuma Online in Saudi Arabia with delivery to Riyadh, Jeddah

NEW IQOS ILuma Prime, One in Saudi Arabia

SAVE 370 sar
Limited stock
iluma oasis

IQOS ILuma Kit Oasis

SAVE 490 sar
Limited stock
iluma prime oasis

IQOS ILuma Prime Oasis

SAVE 350 sar
Limited stock
iluma one oasis in saudi

IQOS ILuma One Oasis

SAVE 420 sar
Limited stock
iluma one we in saudi


SAVE 370 sar
Limited stock
iluma we in saudi arabia


SAVE 370 sar
Limited stock
iluma prime we in saudi

IQOS ILuma Prime WE

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iqos lil solid 2.0 saudi arabia

Get IQOS lil SOLID 2.0
in Saudi Arabia

Buy IQOS Heets Saudi Arabia – IQOS KSA and Heets Online Shop

The best online shop IQOS Heets in Saudi Arabia with delivery in Riyadh, Jeddah. IQOS devices are a modern method of smoking tobacco. Great for smokers who are tired of traditional tobacco cigarettes. IQOS and Heets – developed by the market leader in tobacco – Philip Morris International. IQOS – heats tobacco and produces less toxins, unlike classic cigarettes when they are burned while smoking.

Benefits of IQOS Devices in Saudi Arabia

heets smoke

No fumes or smoke

IQOS heats Heets (HeatSticks), obtaining aromatic vapor instead of burning smoke, it dissipates even faster than cigarette smoke

hets smoke

Pleasant odor

PMI introduces many different types of Heets for IQOS, each Heet offers a pleasant, distinctive smell and taste of tobacco for smoking the IQOS device

lil cigarette

Elegant design

The IQOS device has a modern and elegant design, they are easy to carry, clean and use

lil electronic

Easy to use

Intuitive functionality makes I QOS even more useful for smokers. Ideal for constant use

lil solid 2.0 saudi arabia

What is IQOS?

The IQOS Saudi Arabia tobacco heating system is a modern solution of the 21st century designed to solve such problems of smokers as ash, high burning temperature and harmful smoke. All three of these factors are the negative consequences of smoking regular cigarettes. The IQOS device at KSA helps solve these problems, it heats specially designed HeatSticks not higher than 350 degrees Celsius.

This simple process produces aromatic nicotine containing smoke vapor, which reveals the real taste of tobaccowith certain aromatic flavors, depending on which HeatStick the smoker chose for themselves. The advantage of using IQOS is that it is intuitive, the LED indicators help the smoker understand if the device is ready to use and its charge level. If there are any problems with it, the IQOS will inform the user in case of problems

iqos lil solid 2.0 saudi arabia

Get IQOS Heets Devices in the Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah)

IQOS device is the perfect alternative smoking choice for those smokers who want to enjoy the clean and true taste of tobacco without the ash and smoke unlike classic cigarettes. In our online store you will find IQOS in the latest design – IQOS Lol Solid 2.0. The main advantage of the IQOS Lil Solid is that it allows smokers to use the device more than once during a smoking session before it needs recharging. Refined design and light in weight, IQOS Lil Solid 2.0 has long surpassed its predecessors in convenience and quality. Our collection of Heets and IQOS products presented on our website in Saudi Arabia will satisfy your most diverse needs

IQOS in a nutshell

– Electronic device for heating tobacco
– Specially designed to work with Heets (HeatSticks)
– Based on IQOS HeatControl technology
– A safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes

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